Canadian Cosmetic Regulations

Health Canada's Cosmetics Program has the mandate to protect the health of Canadians by minimizing the risk associated with the use of cosmetics marketed in Canada. The program defines and communicates requirements for the manufacture, labelling, distribution and sale of cosmetics, and evaluates compliance.

As per the Food and Drugs Act, a cosmetic includes any substance or mixture of substances manufactured, sold or represented for use in cleansing, improving or altering the complexion, skin, hair or teeth, and includes deodorants and perfumes.

The Cosmetic Regulations and the Food and Drugs Act require that cosmetics sold in Canada be manufactured, prepared, preserved, packed and stored under sanitary conditions. The manufacturer and importer must notify Health Canada that it is selling the product and provide a list of the product's ingredients.

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 Advertising, labelling and claims review for compliance with the Cosmetic Regulations and other applicable regulations and Guidelines.
✪ Ingredient review for compliance with Health Canada HoltList and other Regulations.
 Preparation, filing and follow-up of Cosmetic Notifications to Health Canada.

 Guidance and assistance with your cosmetic notifications to Health Canada.


 Due Dilligence for Merger & Aquisition
✪ Opportunities identification